Welcome to my Website!

my name is Karl Presits, and I live in Austria, Europe.

I started collecting cards when I was about seven as a kid in Cleveland. In 1970 we left the United States and went to Austria, because my parents were from here. Over the years I haven't had a chance to get any cards, but then as eBay arrived I really got back into the world of card collecting. I collect specially Cleveland Browns & Indians Teamsets and others Sets that spark my interest. In 2009 I discovered and started collecting TTM Autographs, and that's my most primary goal now. I will list all of my successes as I receive them.  I will add scans for every one of my autographs.

I'm a member of these great trading groups Vintage Cards Traders, Dugout Traders, The Bench & SportsCollectors.net, and have made many friends and trades.


My Primary Goals are:

  • TTM Autographs (especially from C. Browns & C. Indians)
  • Cleveland Browns & Indians Topps Team Sets
  • Cleveland Browns & Indians Autographs and Game Used
  • HOFers Autographs and Game Used
  • Panini & Topps Sticker Albums (MLB, NFL & UEFA)
  • 1966 & 1967 Topps Baseball Set
  • and other Sets that spark my interest



I hope you enjoy my Site and maybe we can do some trading!

Recently received

  • Jason Kipnis

    Trade SCN 08.29.2016

  • Carlos Baerga

    Trade SCN 08.29.2016


  • Gene Alley

    sent 03.21.2016
    received 06.20.2016

  • Johnny Edwards

    sent 03.21.2016
    received 04.06.2016

  • Jim Piersall

    sent 03.15.2016
    received 04.06.2016




Watched a game in...

2004 Miami, Florida
Pro Player Stadium
Sunday December 26
Cleveland Browns 3 @ Miami Dolphins 12






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